Custom Shades
Space Shades

Here are some examples of different types of Fotoshades that have been made.  This shows what all can be done with the shade.  Many of the shades were done by other people and some with materials found around the house or bought at local stores.  Watch this space for more examples.

Fotoshades is great for a sign in table for your special event or party.
   Here is a Christmas lampshade made by wrapping standard  Christmas wrap around the Fotoshades.  The wrapping paper was bought at the drug store for only $2.00 per roll.  For best results, wrapping paper must not have a foil backing.  Thin translucent paper works best.  Hold the paper to the light to see if light passes through it.
  Here is a patriotic shade that has fabric printed with stars and stripes wrapped around the Fotoshades.  The stars and stripes cotton fabric was bought at a local fabric store.
  Here is a shade with a picture of my dog printed on my home computer printer on overhead projector film.  The picture was taken with a digital camera.  The matting around the picture is brown craft paper, (grocery bag paper).  When light passes through the brown craft paper it makes the paper look like cork.  This shade and picture was very inexpensive to make, $1.00 for the overhead projector film and 24 cents for the craft paper.  The picture is a 8" x 12" size.
  Here is a college shade made for Texas A&M University.  Bought wrapping paper from the school's book store and wrapped it qround the shade.  Took all of 5 minutes to do it.
  Here is a shade with pictures of my nephew.  The large picture is a Duratrans 8" x 10" and the small pictures were done on a home printer surrounded by valentines wrapping paper.
  Here is a water color on Rice paper.  Fotoshades makes it easy for artist to display their own watercolor painting on the shade, because the light goes through the rice paper and watercolors.  Makes a great lampshade.
Here is a shade with a snake skin print on paper.  Prints of animal skins and furs come on fabrics and paper and look great on shades.  Easy to put on the Fotoshades. 
This a Rainbow Lenticular. As you walk around the shade the Rainbow follows you.
Here is a wrap tha glows different colors.  When the lamp is turned off, the wrap turns into a mirror.
Here is a shade with different kinds of stickers and other items.  Stickers can be used to accent your shade with pictures or other wraps.  Here are the different types of stickers.  The U.S. flag, heart, and smiley face are "Window Clings", they have n o adhesive and can be removed easily.  You can find window clings at most Hobby Stores.  The butterfly is a decal, the fish is a sticker, a real parrot feather and the red lips are liquid filled that are stuck on the outside of the clear plastic pane.  There are many things that can be used on the shade to personalize it more.